Our Story

Who We Are

Fieldwell is a modern home supply based in Portland, Oregon. Simplicity, durability, and longevity are at the core of our values.


The voices and hands of traditional textile practices inspire us, but we’ve brought our products into the modern world with a minimal, natural aesthetic in mind. Limited color palette and patterning in the softest material allows our designs to thrive in a variety of seasons and spaces.

We believe in choosing quality materials that age rather than degrade over time. All of our products are made from natural fibers which are ethically sourced. Each quilt is constructed locally in our studio with detailed care to ensure durability.

Durability + Longevity

We aim to discourage the view of products as disposable and promote thoughtful purchases. It is our hope to see a gentle cultivation of homes, slowly removing excess to allow for a smaller number of quality crafted goods.

The vision for these products is that they would be used often, cared for with attention and passed down as heirlooms through generations. We believe in spending time and money well, investing in the creative communities closest to us and witnessing growth in our fields.

Meet The Founders

Fieldwell Home Supply is the vision of husband and wife duo, Mary and Steven Wise. A cross-country adventure brought them to Portland, Oregon where they currently reside in a 450 square foot space. Strikingly opposite in interest, Mary studied Textile Design at Savannah College of Art and Design while Steven earned a degree in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.

Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest, they combined their interests to create a dream of mixing traditional craft with modern technologies. Fieldwell calls upon memories of the golden fields they grew up in, slow and easy, welcoming them back with every return. The essence of the company is a reminder to stay rooted in community, cultivating growth and fostering a path for products that are ethically produced.

Our Home

Portland, Oregon is our home, the ultimate mixture of urban culture and breathtaking nature. We are renewed by the mountains and forest and thrive on the close proximity of everything we need in the city. Full of creative energy and countless independent entrepreneurs and dreamers. Our brand wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration and inspiration of the community around us.

We’re so thankful for your support and interest in our brand.

For inquiries, please email hello@fieldwellhome.com